Located in Nowra, Astute SMSF Auditing provide cost effective independent Self-Managed Superannuation Fund auditing services.

Providing cost effective independent Self-Managed Superannuation Fund auditing services to clients Australia wide since 2007.

Who is Astute SMSF Auditing?

Located on the South Coast of NSW, previously known as Moffat Superfund Auditing, our client base includes accountants, SMSF administrators and financial planners as well as SMSF Trustees. Our auditors have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and take pride in offering a high quality, cost effective auditing service to our clients.

Clients can be confident, as we do not outsource our work, their audits will be completed by one of our ASIC registered SMSF Auditors. Our Auditors work with clients to achieve an efficient audit process and fast turnaround time. They also provide a valuable resource to our clients by being accessible by phone or email making available their extensive knowledge and experience.

Fees start from $385

We do not have a set fee but offer competitive rates for our services. Our fee structure is based on factors such as types of investments held in SMSFs, accounting records supplied or software used by accountants. In addition, the method of document delivery by clients, have a bearing on charges incurred. The preferred method of electronic delivery of documents allows us to offer a more cost-effective service compared to receipt of documents via courier or post. Providing documents as outlined in our Audit Document Checklist will also assist us in providing a more cost-effective audit of your SMSFs.

Audit document checklist

No outsourcing of audit work

Access to technical knowledge and support

Fast turn-around time

Frequently Asked Questions

What doe an SMSF audit involve?

What is the average audit turnaround time?

We average 7 to 10 days however for more complex audits or when additional information needs to be supplied the time frame can be longer.

What documents do I need to provide?

Our Audit Document Checklist provides information on what documents are required.

What is the best way to send documents required for an audit?

Scanning and emailing documentation is the most efficient and cost-effective method of document delivery. If this is not possible, document delivery via courier or Australia Post is an alternative.

What happens if an audit breach is identified?

Potential issues will be discussed with you before the audit report and contravention report is issued - allowing Trustees the opportunity to rectify situations or formulate plans to remain compliant.

What if I need technical support?

Our Auditors are always available either by phone or email during business hours.

We offer our clients a personalised service and work with them to address any issues such as potential contraventions or breaches identified. We work to clarify issues and maximise the ability of Trustees to rectify situations or formulate plans to remain compliant.

Auditors & Accountants

Frans Van Der Merwe - Auditor - Partner

Frans Van Der Merwe
Auditor - Partner

B Bus(Acc), Fellow NTAA, Registered Tax Agent, ASIC Registered SMSF Auditor

Frans moved with his wife and children to Australia in February 2000 and completed his Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance) in Melbourne at Swinburne University. After working as a Management Accountant in Brisbane, Frans moved to the South Coast of NSW in 2004 and has been in private practice ever since.

Driven by a desire to help his SMSF clients maximise their retirement income, Frans has specialised in optimising his client's superannuation funds. The years of experience in the field, provided the perfect basis for his progression into SMSF auditing. He has been auditing SMSF's since 2007 and during this time he has gained extensive practical experience and an in depth technical knowledge and understanding.

Frans is a registered SMSF auditor with ASIC and a Fellow of The National Tax & Accountants Association (NTAA). Frans does compliance work for SMSF's, companies, trusts and partnerships and is a registered Tax Agent.

Ron Richardson - Auditor - Partner

Ron Richardson
Auditor - Partner

C.A., Fellow NTAA, Registered Tax Agent, ASIC Registered SMSF Auditor

Ron holds an accountancy qualification from the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) and is a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. Since his arrival in Australia in 2003, he has completed a conversion course in Australian Company and Business Law and Australian Income Tax Law from the University of Southern Queensland.

Ron had an accounting and auditing practice in Johannesburg, South Africa for 18 years prior to his departure to Australia, which specialised in the insurance and retirement industry in South Africa.

Ron has used this extensive auditing experience in concentrating on the Self-Managed Superannuation Fund industry in Australia since 2007. He has audited a large number of SMSF’s. Ron is a fulltime auditor of SMSF's, is a Fellow of The National Tax & Accountants Association (NTAA) and a registered SMSF auditor with ASIC.

Anne Lingard - Practice Manager / Accountant

Anne Lingard
Practice Manager / Accountant

B.Com (Acc), Dip Acc NTAA

Anne has worked in her current role as accountant since 2011 and completed her Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction in 2012. Her qualification and training in her role as accountant is under pinned by extensive experience in finance and office administration.

Currently studying SMSF auditing, Anne is able to assist you with all administrative matters in relation to your audit. She is your first point of contact and her professional friendly manner means she is committed to providing the best possible service to clients.

Shannen Miners - Administration

Shannen Miners

We are pleased to welcome Shannen to our team! Shannen has worked within the financial sector for over fifteen years primarily in areas of office support.

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